10 Best American Made Security Cameras For 2023

American made security cameras

American made security cameras have developed rapidly over the past two decades. Since the introduction of commercial security cameras in the early 2000s, they have gotten smaller, more intelligent, and capable of displaying incredible detail.

Features have also been improved! Today, it is common to see security cameras that can detect people and other moving objects, notice when luggage is dropped or picked up, and even detect faces.

The Best American Security Cameras For 2023


No one makes home security as easy as SimpliSafe. In our review of the SimpliSafe security system, we mentioned that the procedure took less than 30 minutes to install and included SimpliCam.

SimpliCam is a simple American made security camera that plugs into a hole and connects to a Wi-Fi network. It’s a little, but it does the job without a problem. 

It connects to a smartphone app, saves to the cloud when used with SimpliSafe cloud storage, and offers two-way connectivity.


Lorex is known for its high-quality security cameras. Many Lorex cameras are tamper-resistant; For example, we look at sturdy wallets and protected power cables.

Despite their durability, Lorex cameras are straightforward to use. These are set-and-forget tools unless you need to restore an image. Some Lorex models are more advanced. Their resolution is up to 4K, and they can record color video at night.


Ring pioneered the video camera market in the early 2010s and continued to develop new security cameras after the Amazon acquisition. Ringo’s new camera is the Spotlight Cam Pro, which will go on sale in September 2022.

This camera uses high-tech radar to detect movements more accurately and provides a bird’s-eye view of your landscape to get the best location.

The ring has an extensive product list, but let’s take an example. 

For most weather conditions, the Ring Spotlight Cam is one of the more weatherproof cameras to keep tourists away because the temperature can be almost five degrees lower.

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ADT offers indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and video alarm systems. All three have two-channel sounds. In addition, indoor and outdoor cameras have 1080p HD image and video analysis capabilities to distinguish between critical and non-critical events.

However, the best thing about American made security cameras is that they come with an ADT home security system. But whatever you choose, ADT’s selling point is that it’s not just a CCTV system but a complete home security system.

Wyze Cam

Wyze has recently expanded its range of new cameras. Today, there are indoor and outdoor cameras, SLR cameras, and indoor and outdoor cameras. Most Wyze cameras are weatherproof, even indoor cameras. Best of all, Wyze cameras cost less than $80.


Arlo adds unique features to each camera, including two-channel audio, remote sirens, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

Arlo cameras are also famous for their extensive configuration possibilities; Wireless or surveillance cameras and magnetic mounts can be installed without problems.

Videos are stored locally on USB or in the cloud for free for seven days. Arlo cameras work best when integrated into an integrated surveillance camera network.


Nest Cam options include indoor battery mode, weatherproof battery mode, and projector mode. Wired and wireless video doors are also available. All these cameras have the same essential functions, such as motion detection, and detection of a person’s location and activity.

Each can also be paired with a Nest Aware subscription, which allows for cloud storage and up to 10 days of continuous recording at the highest quality. The most innovative feature of all Nest Cams is face detection, or as Nest calls it, familiar faces.

Blink Camera

Both Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor battery-powered cameras have PIR motion sensors. While the PIR sensor isn’t as impressive as ID or face detection, it’s excellent for these cameras.

PIR motion detectors read temperature signals and are only activated when a moving object causes the body temperature to rise.

Swann SWDVK-445802V

Luik sells only top-class indoor and outdoor cameras and video alarm systems with its inspection. Swan camera offers great color night vision, temperature sensor, two-way recording, projector, competitive price, smooth night range, and integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Local storage and cloud storage are available for Swann surveillance cameras. With free local storage, homeowners can keep each clip for seven days. Owning the camera also includes two days of free cloud storage for each pin.


Zmodo sells a wide range of smart door locks and indoor and weatherproof home security cameras. We chose these American made security cameras for crime prevention, but our friends use Zmodo cameras to spy on their family members.

A pack of four tiny Zmodo cameras costs just $99.99. These indoor cameras feature night vision, two-way audio, Alexa integration, and optional 720p HD continuous recording.


If you are looking for the American made security cameras for your home or office, the JNKC Full HD camera is the right choice. No wireless connection is needed; the camera can send all photos and videos via Wi-Fi. 

It can move 90 degrees on the vertical axis and 355 degrees on the horizontal axis.

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