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Everything to Know about Boiler Maintenance, Safety, Service & Leaks

boiler servicing Harrow

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors studied what causes most boiler accidents. They discovered that the main causes were often poor maintenance procedures and faulty low-water cutoffs, including more serious occurrences that cause property damage and injuries. Our boiler maintenance checklist of boiler servicing Harrow will help you avoid becoming a research statistic.

Boiler Maintenance, Safety, Service & Leaks | Boiler Servicing Harrow

A boiler system must receive regular maintenance to stay dependable, secure, and effective. The daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual chores are suggested below. Always perform routine maintenance per your manufacturer’s instructions, and keep a daily boiler log book. Many agencies in Harrow for boiler servicing Harrow can assist you with the maintenance checklist and safety measures.

Daily Maintenance

  • Verify the water level glass gauge and note the temperature and pressure gauges.
  • Check the functionality of the LWCO and ALWCO systems, blow down the water column, and turn the burner off.
  • Glass drain gauge.
  • Turn off the burner control switch and see what happens as the flame goes out.
  • Keep operating and high-limit controls in mind.
  • Perform a bottom blowdown to get rid of the sediment and sludge.
  • Watch the Burner refractory cone for any broken pieces.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Verify each link on the automatic draft controllers and burner controls.
  • Verify the burner’s air damper.
  • Check the gas train’s valve operation.
  • Examine the condition of the flame and the pilot and igniter.
  • Check the LWCO’s operation by draining the water from the blowdown boiler. Watch the gauge to see if the burner shuts off before the water disappears from view.

Monthly Maintenance

· Test the boiler’s limit controls.

· Check the controls for flame detection.

· Check the blowdown for sludging near the boiler’s base.

· Check the blowdown separator and cooler’s functionality.

· Check the functionality of the floor drains.

· Examine the screens at the fresh air entrance of the boiler.

Annual Maintenance

  • LWCO and ALWCO should be disassembled and examined for corrosion, electrical switch issues, and sludge.
  • Check and fine-tune the burners and settings.
  • Look for damage or soot on the fireside and scale or corrosion on the waterside. Sanitize the boiler from the inside out.
  • Boiler leak detection using hydro (tube joints and piping).
  • Look for any fallen or broken pieces in any refractory.
  • Verify the pressure settings on the gas regulator.
  • Safety valves should be changed or renewed.
  • Safety shut-off valves for fuel trains are bubble tested.

Recommended Boiler Maintenance Checklist

After a service provider has modified the burner, it should not be adjusted again by someone unfamiliar with burner systems. This entails adjusting control settings, fuel pressures, and linkage settings. Any guarantee or service plan typically does not cover service calls brought on by “tinkering” or subpar maintenance techniques.

General Maintenance

  • Maintain a clean boiler room, burner, and surrounding area. For a boiler to operate at its best, the boiler room must be clean.
  • Maintain the control covers on the burner and boiler. The controllers’ electrical contacts are extremely delicate.
  • Never close the vents that feed the boiler room with air. Install air ducts to direct fresh air flow if cold air currents interfere with other boiler room equipment.
  • Fix any leaks right now. Every piping connection to the boiler and burner must be leak-free because even a little leak can quickly become significant if it is ignored.

Boiler Servicing Harrow

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It is crucial to act quickly to prevent harm to the boiler if it has become contaminated with foreign materials such as oil, chemicals, corrosion products, etc. The boiler may become corrupted due to piping system corrosion products or inadequate water treatment. It is crucial to note that such situations do not arise in the system.


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