The Difference between Australian Citizenship and Permanent Residency

The difference between Australian citizenship and permanent residency

Are you interested in learning the difference between Australian Citizenship and Australian Permanent Residents? 

If so, you must read this. We’ll list some essential information related to Australian citizens and permanent residents. Many individuals believe that Australian citizens and permanent residents are synonyms. 

There are some significant differences between them. Living in Australia has many outstanding advantages, whether you’re a citizen or a permanent resident. The Australian government provides the best healthcare and educational systems for its citizens. 

Numerous visas like Australian permanent residency visas, are available from the Australian government, allowing you to live there permanently. 

You can become an Australian citizen if you obtain PR in that country. But you must understand the critical difference between an Australian Citizen and an Australian Permanent Resident.

So, here we describe some significant differences between them. So check the below information. 

What is an Australian Permanent Residency? 

  • Australian Permanent Residents have an Australian permanent residency visa but are not Australian citizens. A person who has permanent residency is allowed to live in Australia permanently. 
  • Permanent residents have the same privileges and rights as Australian citizens. But, some rights, such as the right to vote, are specially provided for Australian citizens only.
  • If you are a permanent resident, you can be qualified to apply for Australian citizenship after a few months or years.

What is an Australian Citizenship? 

  • If you are born in Australia, you ultimately become an Australian citizen. Otherwise, If you have a permanent residency in Australia, then you should apply for its citizenship. 
  • If your visa is approved, you become a citizen of Australia. And then you can say that I am an Australian. Otherwise, on a permanent residency visa, you just permanently live in Australia but can’t be a Citizen of Australia. 
  • If you want a citizenship visa, you must hire a visa agent in Australia. They can speed up your visa process so you will quickly get your Australian citizenship. 

Difference between Australian Citizenship and Permanent Residency : 

In Australia, a permanent resident and a citizen have many rights and privileges, but there are some distinctions between them. 

The following are the distinctions between the two concerning legal benefits and welfare:

1. Travelling : 

  • Australian citizens can travel in and out of the country whenever they wish. For them, this is a fundamental right.
  • A permanent resident who wishes to visit another nation must have both a valid travel authorization for the return trip and a permanent visa. 
  • This permanent visa show they are permanent residents in Australia. 

2. Voting : 

  • You may cast your vote in the elections held for the Australian government if you are an Australian citizen. The majority of permanent residents in Australia are not eligible to vote. 
  • The sole exception is if they were given voting rights before 1984.
  • These are only given to vote for election. After 1984, those who have an Australian permanent residency visa are not able to provide vote in government elections. 

3. Government services and advantages : 

  • The policies solely govern an Australian citizen’s qualification for government services and benefits. It is developed by the particular government department in charge of providing those benefits.
  • Similarly to this, a permanent resident of Australia must meet the criteria. It is established by specific governmental organizations to be eligible for government assistance and benefits. 
  • They are in charge of providing the use and the service.

Some other differences: 

  • As a permanent resident of Australia, If you break the terms of your visa or any other rules, you face removal from Australia. If you are a citizen of Australia, you have never been deported from the country. 
  • You can leave and enter Australia as a permanent resident for the first five years of your visa. 
  • To travel back to Australia, you must submit a Resident Return Visa application.
  • You can hire a visa agent in Australia to apply for a resident return visa. You can come back as a permanent resident of Australia with this visa.
  • You have citizenship in Australia, and If you travel abroad. You automatically have the privilege to enter Australia because you are an Australian citizen.

So now you understand both of them. And you have no confusion about any of them. If you are a permanent resident of Australia, apply for a visa. You can become a citizen of Australia and say that I am an Australian. 


Understanding the distinction between Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents is crucial. Permanent residents and Australian citizens are two different things. They each have individual rights and obligations. The primary step to gaining Australian citizenship is applying for PR in Australia. 

You can schedule a consultation with ADVISAPRO to learn more about the Australian permanent residency visa application procedure and other Australia-related visa processes.

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