5 Easy Steps to Get Covered Under Obamacare Health Coverage

Obamacare Health Coverage

Healthcare in America needs to change, and Obamacare health coverage is a step in the right direction. Healthcare isn’t just about getting medical treatment – it’s also about prevention, which can lead to lower medical costs down the road. Every American deserves access to quality healthcare.

eHealth is dedicated to helping people understand how Obamacare health coverage works. For those who qualify, it’s a great way to get a higher quality medical treatment at a lower cost. It’s like getting two insurance policies: one that covers medical costs and one that covers preventive care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010 and provides access to affordable healthcare for nearly every American. You can also apply for Medicaid health coverage through your state if you qualify. 

And if you don’t qualify for either, the good news is that the ACA still provides other ways to get affordable health insurance through eHealth.

Who Is Eligible For Obamacare Health Coverage? 

Through A Job 

Qualified employers with 50 or more employees can provide qualified employees with healthcare coverage. Qualified individuals who are full-time students also qualify, provided they meet certain conditions.

Through An Exchange 

This began on October 1, 2013, states have the option to set up health insurance exchanges that will offer affordable healthcare options to individuals and families.

eHealth works hard to make Obamacare health coverage easy to understand. With thousands of affordable insurance options from the best-known insurers and state exchanges, it’s easy for you to pick a plan that fits your needs.

Steps To Get Covered Under Obamacare Health Coverage

1. Go to and search for plans that meet your needs. You’ll find low-rate health plans from leading insurers as well as a list of all the state-run and federally-run health exchanges.

2. Select an insurance plan, give a little information about you and your family, and check out and pay for your plan. It’s so easy!

3. Visit eHealth’s doctor finder or call the toll-free number to find in-network healthcare providers in your area so you can protect yourself while getting preventive care covered by Obamacare healthcare coverage.

4. Get covered with affordable health insurance!

5. Enjoy the benefits of affordable healthcare, like preventive care and traditional medical treatment from your doctor who is in the network.

What is Obamacare?

Obamacare is the government name for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a health reform law signed into law on March 23, 2010. The ACA was passed as part of a larger package of legislation, including healthcare reform legislation sponsored by President Barack Obama and the Republicans’ efforts to repeal it.

The law expanded the coverage of Medicaid and required most Americans to have some form of health insurance or pay a fine. It also created, the portal through which most Americans purchase health insurance coverage through their state’s exchange (also called an exchange).

ACA was originally enacted in March 2010 and allows you to buy subsidized health insurance through a state’s exchange or marketplace. You can choose from a variety of insurance plans, also known as plans, that meet your needs, including comprehensive coverage of all types of medical procedures, supplies, and medications.

ACA allows you to purchase federally subsidized health insurance through a state-run exchange.

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How is Obamacare Changing Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs are taxed differently, based on the class of drug they fall into. For example, Medicare Part D drugs are covered 100 percent by the program and those under ACA are covered at the same level as Medicare Part D drugs are today (established under Medicare Advantage).

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also requires most people to be covered under health insurance or pay a fine, which means higher co-pays. The latest ACA prescription drug law, passed in August 2016, will change the way prescription drugs are purchased in the United States.

It is not required that you purchase a qualified ACA health plan; however, if you choose not to purchase a qualified health plan – such as an individual market plan – it will likely require you to pay more for your prescription medications.


Obamacare health coverage is a big change in the healthcare system, but it’s a positive change that provides quality, affordable access to healthcare for millions of Americans. eHealth is committed to helping everyone understand how it works and how to get covered today.

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